Tina Pittock Presents….


I’m Tina. I love history, and I’d always wanted to work in museums (which I now do, as curator at the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford). I also love writing, and dressing up. Now I am finally getting to combine all three with my historical role play videos. 

I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

Thank you for visiting – I hope you’ll come back!


Here I am on HMS Victory! (Photo by Mila Brady)

Curator’s Role Play Videos

Since July, 2020 I have been writing and producing role-play videos based on different periods in British history set at roughly ten-year intervals. I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I loved creating them!

Huge thanks to Shirlee of The Dressing Up Shop in Aldershot, who provides many of the elements of my costumes. Thank you, Shirlee!

Tina Pittock, Aldershot

Olive, circa 1920

Olive works for the GPO (the Central Telegraph Office was GPO) and during WW1 served in the Waacs. Here she describes her work, and listening to the very first musical radio broadcast.

Olive played by Tina Pittock

Ida and the Solar Eclipse, 1926

It’s 1926. Ida comes from a wealthy family and doesn’t need to work but you won’t find her distant. However, she does have a bit of mystery about her. Did she travel overseas to observe the total eclipse or is she just telling you about it from what she heard? You can decide for yourself here

Ida played by Tina Pittock

Tina Pittock Presents

October, 1933, North Yorkshire, Catterick Camp. Pearl tells us all about the displays… the combined horse and motorcycle display is really something special! See what she has to say here

Pearl played by Tina Pittock

Rose, 1945

Rose has received a letter from her niece who is serving with the ATS. Find out here about what her neice’s work entails, and learn how spider webs were used!

Rose played by Tina Pittock

Sylvia, 1953

Sylvia is getting ready for a night on the razzle! As she waits for her companion, Sylvia talks about the Coronation

Sylvia played by Tina Pittock

Molly, 1964

Molly is Karen’s mum, and she has just received a letter from Australia…

Molly played by Tina Pittock, costume by Dressing Up Shop, Aldershot